The System


CAPDOTS™ is an on-line auditory training system for the treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders.  It provides evidence-based, deficit-specific intervention using current audiological neuroscience.  CAPDOTS™ is a complete therapy system that comprises modules that can be selected to meet the specific needs of the CAPD individual.  The modules can be applied selectively or in combination as indicated by the CAPD assessment results.

CAPDOTS™ is a convenient, readily-available therapy program that allows audiologists and speech-language pathologists to provide formal, structured off-site auditory training to their clients.  The web-based design allows for a rigorous therapy program without taxing the financial or time resources of either the clinician or the client.  Therapy progress can be easily monitored daily, at the clinician’s own convenience, through the website.

CAPDOTS™-Integrated is available for the treatment of binaural integration deficits characterized by difficulties with dichotic listening (integrative type) and atypical interaural symmetry. These individuals may also be identified as those with auditory divided attention deficits.

CAPDOTS™-Selected is available for the treatment of binaural separation deficits characterized by difficulties with dichotic listening and atypical interaural symmetry. These individuals may also be identified as those with auditory selective attention deficits.


Listening well is fundamental to almost all exchanges that occur between people.  Poor listening skills can have profound effects on cognitive, academic and social functioning.  Auditory processing weaknesses often contribute to poor academic performance and often to not supporting the potential of the individual. CAPD impairs listening comprehension and the ability to follow verbal directions and participate in conversations.  Group, social, noisy or busy situations are noxious to CAPD individuals and as such will affect learning and social confidence in these environments.  Where CAPD co-exists with other disorders, good listening should be considered a primary therapy goal as it will have an impact on all other learning engagements.

CAPDOTS™-Integrated improves :

  • ability to follow complex, multi-step directions
  • listening attention especially in distracting background noise
  • inferential listening and understanding of group instructions
  • auditory memory
  • academic performance especially for reading comprehension and spelling

Behavioural changes such as improved self-confidence, self-advocacy, self-awareness, socialization and independence are also regularly observed following CAPDOTS™-Integrated auditory training.


CAPDOTS™ is appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with CAPD, are 5 years or older and live/learn within English-speaking communities.  Suitable CAPDOTS™ individuals must be able to repeat what is heard and have sufficient sustained attention to maintain 10 – 15 minutes of training.

The successful implementation of CAPDOTS™ is strongly dependent upon its use and proper delivery with accurately diagnosed CAPD deficits.  A complete CAPD assessment by an audiologist is strongly recommended prior to proceeding with therapy.


Audiologists and speech-language pathologists can apply to become a CAPDOTS™ Service Provider.


CAPDOTS™-Integrated is simple to implement, easy to use and readily available to get started on in only a few minutes.  It only requires: access to the internet and some good quality headphones.  All work can be completed in the clinic, school or in the comfort of home surroundings at a time that is convenient to facilitate learning. By qualifying as a service provider, a clinician will have access to easy step-by-step instructions on how to get started.