A Dichotic Selection/Separation Listening Training program

CAPDOTS™-Selected is a Dichotic Selection/Separation Listening Training program that is useful for those with binaural separation deficits and who fail or present with atypical interaural symmetries on Competing Sentences type tests.

Binaural Separation Deficits

Individuals with binaural separation deficits have difficulty in processing simultaneous, multiple inputs and selecting or focusing on important or target inputs. They may present as being distracted during listening tasks or complain about others talking “all at the same time”. They may complain often of distractions from repetitive sounds such as tapping or clicking, and by soft sounds such as whispering, eating sounds, crinkling paper, whispering or talking and singing from a distance. They prefer to work and study either with music or in absolute silence.

How CAPDOTS™-Selected Works

The program presents dichotic stimuli at staggered onset times to favour the weaker (focus) ear. As training progresses, the timing differences decrease until they are presented simultaneously. The individual is required to repeat the phrase or sentence in the weaker (focus) ear and ignore the competing discourse in the other ear.

Available in 3 versions

CAPDOTS™-Selected in available in 3 versions:

  • Junior (5 – 8yrs) – In development
  • Adolescent (9 – 13yrs)
  • Adult (14yrs+)

Age appropriate stories are used in the different versions.