Carol Lau

Carol Lau is a Speech-Language & Audiologists Canada (SAC) certified audiologist. She
is also licensed to dispense hearing aids with the College of Speech and Hearing Health
Professionals of British Columbia (CSSHP-BC). She graduated from the University of the
Witwatersrand, South Africa in 1987 with a dual qualification in Audiology and Speech-
Language Pathology, followed by her Masters with distinction. Her Masters dissertation
examined the relationship between Cochlear Frequency Resolution and Distortion Product
Otoacoustic Emissions. Carol spent 8 years as an instructor in the Department of Speech
Pathology and Audiology, University of Witwatersrand.  She lectured in the fields of Basic
Hearing and Speech Sciences, Hearing Aids and Advanced Audiological Testing and
supervised student clinical work and undergraduate research projects.

She moved to Canada in 1996 and opened her own clinic in September of that year. She
runs a full-time, clinical practice in Vancouver with specialties in CAPD, tinnitus,
hyperacusis and difficult-to-fit amplification patients. Carol developed The Listening
Academy and CAPDOTS™ as a result of increasing demand for Central Auditory
Processing Disorder (CAPD) therapy. She continues to research and develop treatment
programs for CAPD. She is excited and passionate about all individuals reaching their
potential, whether it be socially, cognitively, academically or vocationally.