CAPDOTS™ System Requirements

Our site can run on any computer with Adobe® Flash® version 11.3 or better and a reliable high-speed internet connection.


  • Our preference is for a minimum of 2GB RAM
  • Our preference is for 1024 x 768 resolution display


You can use any of these browsers on Mac® or MS Windows®:

  • Internet Explorer® 8 or better
  • Firefox (Mozilla®) version 16
  • Safari® 5
  • latest version Chrome®

Audio Equipment:

  • See the equipment details in “System Requirements – Detailed” once you are registered as a Service Provider or User in the system.

If you have an older version of a browser, you need to ensure it is running the correct Adobe® Flash® version.

We do not support iOS® (iPhone®, iPad®), Android® or any other mobile devices at this time.


All ® designated words or phrases are either the registered trademarks or the trademarks of the various Companies offering those products and / or applications above.  Those companies include, but are not limited to:  Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc., Mozilla Foundation, Google Inc., and Cisco Systems Inc.