Adult patient self-report (Educator with CAPD… a perspective in her own words):

For many years I had gotten my hearing checked and I was repeatedly told my hearing was normal for a “person my age.” …Later, I finally found a wonderful audiologist who took the time to listen to my concerns and did extensive testing and she said that I had CAPD and binaural integration issues. She recommended the CAPDOTS program. I was excited to try it. Anything to help!… I thought the incremental lessons were perfectly paced! The additional reinforcement for concepts/lessons that I didn’t pass, was exactly what my ears/brain needed …

I really didn’t know if it was working, but I wanted to keep trying … When I was a little more than halfway through the lessons, our band had a practice night. We were playing new songs and there were a lot of wrong notes being played. In the past, I would have been so mad, cringing at every off tone. This time, there was NO CLASH! Honestly, there was no car crash in my brain. I was so excited that I actually looked forward for someone to play a wrong note because I was fascinated to hear that as “just sound”. I guess that’s what other people hear all of the time! That wrong note carried no pain, no negative effect on me. Simply amazing.

Weeks later, I was working on my training. I learned that if I listened really hard with my left ear, my right ear would just fill in and I could pass the lessons better. Then one day, I heard them both equally! I didn’t have to work so hard to hear one ear and the other. They had the same power. It was like there was a “power of togetherness ~ in my ears/brain. Another aha moment. Is this how people hear all of the time? Less effort yet powerfully together? Amazing!”
(LK, adult, educator)

Parent testimonials

“Before his CAPDOTS™ therapy Pete was a quiet-spoken young man who spoke with little inflection in his voice. He preferred conversations with family and small groups. In larger groups or noisy environments he tended to listen rather than participate because, as he realizes now, he was not hearing the full conversation. Overall his CAPD was affecting his confidence and his happiness.

After 12 weeks of therapy using CAPDOTS™ Pete came home for Christmas. We were heartened by the changes we saw in him. He was more confident, articulate and very keen to engage in group conversations. Pete’s CAPD therapy has opened up his world. Overall he is so much happier and we are enormously grateful for the help CAPDOTS™ has given Pete.”
(Parents, K + KD, male, 20 yrs)

“His teacher finds that he is doing much better in class, catching more of the conversation, more alert, makes some surprising comments and integrates information better. He has not complained of noise recently and he is not as easily distracted.” (Mother, LH, male, 9.6yrs)

“I haven’t noticed any difficulties in background noise for a long time now, and I don’t need to repeat myself as much. His school notices that he participates more in the class and his reading/writing skills have also improved.” (Mother, NG, male, 8.7yrs)

“He is doing well at school and self-advocating when necessary. His teachers are happy with school performance and his last report card was the best he has ever had. C is also socializing better and he may be more negotiable and willing to comply.” (Mother, CM, male, 15.5yrs)

“He is working more independently and I find that he enjoys reading more. I think he is understanding what he reads better. He gets more abstract jokes and I find him more negotiable and mature. There are no longer any sound sensitivities.” (Mother, EL, 7.11yrs)

“I find that I can concentrate better and my memory has also improved. I also don’t tune out as much as I did before.” (RB, female, 18.6yrs)

“School has noticed significant improvements, less distracted and working more independently. L has better self-confidence, socializes more and participates in conversations. Her working memory has also improved.” (Mother, LB, female, 9.1yrs)

“I have noticed that K has better conversation, works quicker and is more organized. She also seems happier at school. Dad who does not live with us has also remarked how much better conversations with K are.” (Mother, KK, female, 14.5yrs)

“Lots of improvement! He is making connections, more alert, better pronunciation and now enjoys school. At home he is also much calmer, more reasonable and negotiations can now happen.” (Mother, ML, male, 11.0yrs)

“Her self-confidence and happiness seems to have really improved. N tells me more of what is happening at school. She does not cover her ears for loud sounds, and also does not get annoyed where there are many people talking at the same time anymore. She is working much quicker and her written work is also better. Printing does not tire her out as easily and her grades were very good this last year.” (Mother, NF, female, 13.2yrs)

“All round improvements in reading, spelling, listening, understanding, verbal output, attention – L is also quicker to catch things and the teacher does not find any problems at school.” (Father, LJ, female, 7.2yrs)

“School is not complaining about focus and attention any longer and L has a better school year this time. He does not need as much repetition, is less emotional and more negotiable. His working memory also seems to have improved.” (Father, LK, male, 8.11yrs)

“My family and friends have noticed a huge improvement in J. He had an excellent school report last year and I find that he is relating more, makes surprising connections, able to multitask. He is more social, engages and interacts with other children. He is also working quicker and with more independence. There are no problems with attention or focus.” (Mother, JD, male, 10.1yrs)

“There has definitely been an improvement and he is catching up on his reading. M listens better, answers more appropriate and can follow more complicated directions. He sang a song for the first time last week! The teacher is pleased with his progress and said that he is starting to write independently.” (Father, MZ, male, 7.2yrs)

“H has better conversations, socialization skills. He is also working more independently and the school has also noticed an improvement. His last report card was very good.” (Mother, HW, male, 11.11yrs)

“What a dramatic improvement! I have noticed that he is more aware of others, his stories tend to be broader and he is not so black-and-white anymore. He wanted to go to the school dance for the first time, and also told jokes to Grade 1 students for 10 to 30minutes – his self-confidence is very much improved. He can answer the phone and deal with the call appropriately, and then relate everything to me.” (Mother, SH, male, 10.2yrs)

“Dramatic changes at home and at school. S is doing very well, socializing, talking more, less emotional and generally working much better.” (Parents, ST, female, 9.5yrs)

“My blood pressure is so much lower because K is listening to me more. She goes to school without complaining and once she even apologized to me for complaining which is highly unusual. K understands what is happening at school and is now more confident.” (Mother, K, female, 7.8yrs)

“He is talking a lot, expressing himself and talking about his day which he didn’t do before. I noticed a more mature approach. I don’t find myself nagging as often as before.” (Mother, DS, male, 11.8 yrs)

“I have noticed better verbal output, socialization, alertness, confidence. He seems happier and he doing his homework independently now.” (Mother, QP, male, 11.7yrs)

“G does not tune out as much as before and I find that homework is easier for her to process. She has not mentioned a dislike of noise for a long time now. G herself says that she can understand her teacher much better now. Her ability to follow multistep directions has also improved.” (Mother, GM, female, 9.11yrs)

“She has not complained about noise recently and I noticed that I don’t need to repeat or clarify myself as often as before. E seems less distracted and her reading comprehension has also improved.” (Mother, ED, female,10.5 yrs)

“I noticed that she has more consideration and empathy for others. She is also less distracted and O herself commented that she can actually understand me whereas before she could not.” (Mother, OT, female, 8.5yrs)

“Both T and I have noticed definite improvements in her reading, spelling, English written output. She is participating more, shows more assertiveness and seems to be more alert. She is able to use her language skills better than before.” (Mother, TK, female, 12.3yrs)

“A shows a lot of improvement with listening and talking. He is doing much better at school and it seems that his attention is also better.” (Mother, AF, male, 8.6yrs)

“I would say there is all-round improvement. E does not ask me to repeat as much and does not get as upset if she doesn’t get her way. My husband noticed that E seems to be thinking more sophisticatedly and her reason and logic is better. She doesn’t cover her ears in loud places anymore but sometimes can still get annoyed.” (Mother, EM, female, 7.0yrs)

“Excellent improvements! N is quicker to pick up things, she is listening better and more mature. Her behavior has also improved and she is much calmer and less emotional.” (Mother, NV, female, 8.9yrs)