Be a CAPDOTS™ Provider

Due to the complexities of CAPD, it is imperative that an accurate audiological diagnosis is made.  Functional assessments of CAPD are also invaluable and speech-language pathologists are ideally trained in this regard.  The success of any CAPD intervention program is, therefore, dependent upon (1) an accurate diagnosis and (2) a broad-based functional assessment.

CAPDOTS™ is available only to audiologists and speech-language pathologists to ensure appropriate application and implementation of the training program.  The best possible treatment outcome and highest quality of auditory training can only be achieved with trained professionals.

CAPDOTS™ improves auditory figure-ground discrimination, binaural integration and monaural low redundancy listening skills.  It can also improve verbalization, socialization, academic performance, conversational skills, language pragmatics and self-confidence.

To become a CAPDOTS™ provider please fill out and submit the Application.

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