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CAPDOTS-Integrated at ASHA 2013: a resounding success.

December 23, 2013

Our first visit to ASHA 2013 was a resounding success!  We came back excited and invigorated by all the interest and questions we had at our Exhibit Booth.  It was a time to meet our current service providers and to introduce ourselves to new ones. Old-fashioned, face-to-face dialogue also gave us an opportunity to clarify any issues and to get an understanding of what different clinicians require.

Many Speech Language Pathologists I spoke to have used the Differential Screening Test for Processing (DSTP) by Richard & Ferre.  If your patient fails the Dichotic Digits or the Temporal Patterning subtests of the DSTP, they are a suitable candidate for CAPDOTS-Integrated (CAPDOTS-I).

CAPDOTS-I is a homogenous training program that targets very specific skills.  So, unlike a typical therapy session where several goals are identified and targeted simultaneously, CAPDOTS-I only drills a single skill.  However, CAPDOTS-I’s therapy implications go far and beyond that of just auditory processing.

Over and above teachers and parents reporting improvements in ability to follow multi-step directions, less auditory confusion, fewer requests for repetition – all of which are clearly auditory processing skills – they are even more excited about the changes that take place with socialization, self-confidence, self-awareness, expressive language sophistication and increased use of speech acts.  This is, indeed, very exciting news!

We wish you and yours all the very best of the Holiday Season,


Download our new CAPDOTS-Integrated Brochure

November 4, 2013

You can find out more about CAPDOTS-Integrated in our brochure. If you have further questions about the system and whether it might be a good fit for your clients we invite you to Contact us.

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NEWSFLASH: We’ll be at the 2013 ASHA Convention

October 28, 2013

NEWSFLASH:  We’ll be at the 2013 ASHA Convention taking place November 14-16 in Chicago at McCormick Place. Look for us at Booth #1539. You can also register for our Learning Lab on Friday, November 15th from 1:30-2:15 to get practical advice and tips on using CAPDOTS-Integrated. Need more information now?  Contact us.

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